About Us

Moksha Healthcare Foundation is a dedicated non-profit and charitable organization that was founded in year 2020. It was initiated during the phase of COVID-19 after deep analysis of deficit and strength of the health system in India. This organization is started with the primary objective to work in health sector in India’s metropolitan towns and various rural areas to deliver high quality, safe and effective care which can meet both individual and community needs. The foundation health workers also provide innovative and integrated care close to home which can support and improve health, wellbeing, and quality of life of persons in need.

The primary goal of the MHC foundation is specially for cancer patients. Our foundation aim to deliver best curative, palliative and supportive care to them. We have a dedicated team who have vast expertise in treating cancer patients and provide best care at their home. We are committed to take necessary steps to catch and control cancer cases at very early stage by organizing various campaigns, screening and awareness programme. In addition to this, we also organize blood donation camps, counseling session, medical device distribution, free medicine distributions, and unified national camps for spiring doctors, disaster management, etc. from time to time.

 The MHC Foundation also intend to participate actively in the upliftment and empowerment of women and enhance their social respect in the society by providing free education, multiple job opportunities , skill development programmes. This endeavor will help them to be self dependent and contribute to the country most aspiring dream of being “ATMA NIRBHAR BHARAT “ and make them feel proud of being a women in the society.

 The foundation is also committed to participate actively into various government policies and programmes held for upliftment of poor, needy, deprived class by means of education, health, skill development, which support them to become independent and occupy respectful place in the society.

The team MHC foundation also aims to provide personal assistance to people going through different ailments and severe health issues but who have no access to proper consultation, and timely treatment. We provide them with guidance, support and care in times of their need. So, with the assistance of our Foundation, needy patients can get excellent medical treatment and solutions. We have a spectacular team of health experts, doctors, nursing staff. We organize awareness camps for cancer, breast cancer, blood donation, BP and sugar inspection camp, and many more. Today world is facing the outbreak of the covid19 pandemic, and India is not untouchable to it. In such a disastrous situation, we have been working tirelessly in conducting covid-19 awareness programme in different part of town and rural areas for safety and control from this pandemic. As a responsible healthcare foundation, we can go to the extent of making society healthy and disease-free.


The MHC Foundation soul mission of operating this government recognized trust is to provide best treatment and supportive care to those unblessed cancer patient’s who lost their hope of survival and can not even afford the cost of medicine. We are dedicated to expand the range of treatment and supportive care for both early and advance stage cancer regardless of commercial value to extend their quality of life and regain their stable life again. We aim to create world class cancer services in India for all those cancer patient’s who are unable to seek proper guidance and treatment due to lack of awareness and eventually die leaving their families behind at the middle of nowhere. We plan to use printed information online to spread the massage of the foundation also looking for a corporate supporter, government grants as well as organizing and fund raising events in aid to fulfill our mission.

Our MHC foundation vision to improve and provide best quality care to every cancer patient’s and inspire million of other to do the same. It is a big task and can’t do it alone but to achieve our goal people can get involved as a volunteer ,fundraiser and campaigning. The foundation appreciates the support and assistance of a large number of volunteers who devoted their time at no cost for charity in support of our mission. we also aim to provide a safe place where cancer patient’s can be together to enjoy a fun time away from hospital and live normal as before the diagnosis of cancer. Last but not the least our vision is to provide effective local support and care for all those living with or affected by cancer.


The MHC foundation main objective is to form a hospice cancer care center for the cancer patient’s and provide the best supportive care for advanced stage cancer patient’s. The following milestone need to be achieved which is the primary goal of this organization as follows :

  1. To facilitate supportive care for cancer patients.
  2. To initiate screening programs/ campaigns for early detection helping in good outcome and control of cancer.
  3. To conduct programme for skill development to benefit weaker sections of the society.
  4. Organize campagins/ programs toward education for poor destitute children’s.
  5. To actively participate in the Government Running Programs/policies for economically weak children’s.
  6.  Facilitate funding towards conducting of girl child marriages/education in the economically weaker section of the society.
  7. Sensitizing government, communities and the civil society at large scale about the upliftment of poor/deprived class of societies.
  8. Promoting smaller initiatives and groups workings for such children through capacity building and offering technical expertise.